What Dealers Should Know About Federal’s New Dairy-Air Screen & Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser

Source, Federal Industries, Jackie Ceithamer

As we’re still in the midst of the foodservice equipment buying season for K-12 school nutrition programs, we wanted to share a few important facts with you about Federal’s Dairy-Air Screen Milk Merchandiser and the Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser.

Designed to store and merchandise milk at ideal temperatures, the Dairy-Air Screen and Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser both offer a great way to keep cafeteria traffic flowing, making it easy for students to grab drinks or snacks quickly. During the Covid pandemic there has been a need to reduce the amount of traffic in school cafeterias at a single point in time, and even before Covid, school nutrition directors have always looked for ways to help increase speed of service. The Dairy-Air Screen and Self-Serve Milk Merchandisers can help on both accounts.

We know how important it is for you to provide the right solution for your customers. Here’s how the Federal Dairy-Air Screen Milk Merchandiser and Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser can help


The Dairy-Air Screen can accommodate standard milk crates, but it can merchandise more. School nutrition directors, especially those who have pivoted to individually-wrapped foods during Covid, can display revenue-generating food and beverages, as well. This can help the unit pay for itself as it promotes impulse purchase during every day of service.

If a smaller display case is needed to meet your space requirements, then the 3-ft refrigerated Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser might be just the case for you. Perfect for keeping up with the grab and go solutions and for taking up minimal space, this merchandiser is only 30 x 28.75 x 78 in size, giving you plenty of room to stock pre-packaged snacks and meals without taking up too much space.


Because of its accessible profile, the Dairy-Air Screen Milk Merchandiser and Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser makes service easier for smaller and younger students. With easy-to-reach access, you can suggest these units to directors who serve a wide range of age groups.


As we mentioned, the Dairy-Air Screen and Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser can help directors serve more students in a shorter period of time. This is due to accessibility and interruption-free restocking.


With some milk merchandisers, schools have to remove products for overnight storage. With the Dairy-Air Screen or the Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser, milk can be stored in a temperature-controlled environment overnight and then simply converted back to a merchandiser for the next day’s service.

Would your dealership like a comprehensive demonstration of a unit that can help

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