Packing in glass in a chamber vacuum sealer

Times when a chamber vacuum sealer was exclusively used to extend shelf life are far behind us. On the Henkelman website you will find a lot of information about applications like, wet aging, marinating, infusion and much more.
The topic of current interest is: vacuum packing in glass.

In a Henkelman machine with our ACS control, you can vacuum pack perfectly in glass preserving jars and also in glass jars with screw lids. Many customers have discovered this application and are benefiting from it, on a small but increasingly also on a large scale. The glass can be reused and glass is also recyclable. An important argument for many to choose this form of vacuum packaging.

Let’s give a few examples: the trend goes increasingly towards healthy eating. The Poke Bowl has therefore become a hype. Products that can be processed in such a Poke Bowl are sliced leaf lettuce, avocado, apple. When such a Poke Bowl is now vacuum-packed in a weck jar, the avocado remains green, the apple does not turn brown and the lettuce does not go limp. These Poke Bowls can be served in this way in bistros, but also sold to-go in the same bistro or in petrol stations, snack bars, food trucks and company canteens for example.

How can you keep your homemade croutons crispy for a long time so that you can make a larger batch in one go? Vacuuming in glass jars is the best solution!

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