Identifying the right size Convotherm oven

Five questions.

Five questions is all we need to identify the right size Convotherm oven for you.

Of course, we want to hear your story too. We want to listen to your thoughts, ideas, and menu concepts of speed and efficiency. We want to know and understand the productivity challenges and hurdles you face in your daily operations.

Combi-Ovens are becoming a main-stay of the modern productive kitchen. Versatility is a key attribute to their climb in kitchen dominance. The appeal has not only been in high-volume demand operators like chains, hotels, casinos and universities; but also the small niche independent entrepreneur chefs that dot Main Street America.

Convotherm combi-ovens can perform a variety of cooking methods in kitchens with limited space, including roasting, steaming, sous vide, smoke, braise, bake, retherm and oven fry. Through their technology of automatic balanced humidity, combining convection hot air with steam, Convotherm ovens can help chefs and cooks alike maintain better moisture level in foods, boost flavor profiles, and in some cases- increase product yield. This cooking process also helps maintain a foods natural nutrient content, all while potentially accelerating the cooking process. Keeping the technology intuitive, Convotherm focuses the technology to keep it simple so operators can focus on quality, presentation, and productivity.

Convotherm pioneered the hands-free self-cleaning scene, and now some models will offer newer optional features like: integrated smokers and an automated grease extraction system (for operators seeking alternatives to grease trap maintenance & safer grease removal/disposal). Optional programmable controls have memory capabilities for easy staff training and consistency of cooked food items. The programmable controls feature proves especially useful for operators with multiple locations, or where staff are moving between locations.

Convotherm ovens are suitable for use across all types of foodservice operations’ cook lines, from white tablecloth restaurants to schools, and come in a variety of pan-size configurations. Size represents a key consideration when choosing the right combi-oven, and Convotherm offers more sizes, allowing operators to choose between a steam-generator (boiler) based unit, and boiler-less units.  

Choose from the three basic combi oven sizes: 

  • Mini ovens – can accommodate half-size hotel pans and quarter-size sheet pans.  These Convotherm ovens can often be placed on existing counters or work tables. 
  • Tabletop ovens – usually have 6 to 11 shelves for half-size sheet pans and full-size hotel pans.  These units will typically require a stand cabinet or heavy-duty table for placement.  Some Convotherm models are even available as “ventless” operations.
  • Floor model ovens – the most common in cook lines and production kitchens, these size ovens have up to 20 shelves for holding 20 sheet pans or 40 hotel pans.  Full-size floor model units are often roll-in type, with a removable mobile trolley system. 

Understanding your goals and expectations is as important us, as it is to you.  When you begin your journey into the combi-oven selection process, let us help you to identify the right Convotherm oven to meet your expectations.  Give us a call, send us an email, visit our website.  We’re glad to engage with you by whatever means you’re most comfortable: phone/text, email, personal visit, virtual meeting, etc.  Let’s start your next culinary journey today.

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