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What Dealers Should Know About Federal’s New Dairy-Air Screen & Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser

Source, Federal Industries, Jackie Ceithamer As we’re still in the midst of the foodservice equipment buying season for K-12 school nutrition programs, we wanted to share a few important facts with you about Federal’s Dairy-Air Screen Milk Merchandiser and the Self-Serve Milk Merchandiser. Designed to store and merchandise milk at ideal temperatures, the Dairy-Air Screen […]

Packing in glass in a chamber vacuum sealer

Times when a chamber vacuum sealer was exclusively used to extend shelf life are far behind us. On the Henkelman website you will find a lot of information about applications like, wet aging, marinating, infusion and much more. The topic of current interest is: vacuum packing in glass. In a Henkelman machine with our ACS control, you can […]

Ventilation Requirements for Drop-In Induction Units

Source, Edward Nunn, Hatco Corp.   Concerned and confused about ventilation requirements for drop-in induction units? Induction units do not generate much waste heat, but they do generate some. It is not really from the cooking or warming side of the top surface – nearly all that thermal goodness goes into the food in the […]

How Air Curtain Holding Cabinets Can Save Your Customers From Food-Gone-Wrong

We’ve all been there before. You’re hours into a long road trip and you’re starving. Nothing is open, so you pull into that 24-hour convenience store and settle for the sandwich that would be best described as a hockey puck. Since you’re desperate, you’re willing to suffer through each dried-out bite, but that subpar sandwich was far from satisfying.

What went wrong?

Alternative School Foodservice Solutions in the Age of COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on and the children return to school, the latest safety guidelines turn to keeping students, teachers, and staff safe while attending in-person classes. While it’s straightforward to create smaller classes and separate students, they all need to eat lunch. Staggering lunchtimes is one approach but more needs to be done. […]